Middlesex University is offering a workshop for AS/A2 English Language students to develop their understanding of linguistics.

The workshop introduces some of the methods used by linguists in solving puzzles about language and language use. It explores how these methods can be applied in real-life investigations, including forensic linguistics, analyses of political language, media communication, and different varieties of discourse, including speech, social media and text messages will take place.

Students explore some of the advantages and challenges associated with the methods, including questions about how to identify appropriate data, and consider a variety of language levels/frameworks. It will also give students the opportunity to experience university level teaching.

Please note the following:

  • Sessions are available from now until Christmas
  • There is no maximum number of students as the sessions can be adapted to larger groups
  • The  equipment required is a networked computer with audio and visual projection
  • Monday afternoons are ideal for delivering the workshop
  • Workshops are subject to availability 

Please contact us in order to register your interest.