UCAS Personal Statement Tool

Information for HE advisers involved in this service

Please note this service is currently closed. It will open again in September 2019. 

This tool enables students (from participating colleges) to upload their personal statement to be checked by you. The tool is intended to help students refine their personal statements before they submit them to UCAS. You are only required to check a student's personal statement once. 

The service will be running up until January 2019. The last date for submission of a personal statement will be Friday 4th January and final feedback will need to be sent back on or before Friday 11th January 2019.

Everything is completed using the tool and no individual email addresses will be shown.

Each adviser within your institution will have their own account which will be created by Linking London, and a confirmation email will be sent to the relevant email address. Students will create their own account on the tool, upload their statement, and then you will be notified (via email) when there is a statement for you to check.

Statements will be assigned according to the preference you selected upon joining up. You can select to only view and comment on statements where the student is applying to your university, or a particular subject, or choose to view all available statements.

Once you are notified that you have a statement to check (this will happen via email) we ask that you submit your feedback within 5 working days of the notification.

Checking statements - a step by step guide for advsiers

Step 1: Linking London will set up an account for you and you will be emailed the details of this account.

Step 2: Once a personal statement is ready to view you will be sent an email to ask you to log on and comment on it. 

Step 3: Go to www.heinlondon.ac.uk/ucas-page... and log in using the details emailed to you.

Step 4: You will see a list of submitted statements that are either new, in the process of being reviewed, or that have been reviewed and sent back to the student. A star will appear next to a statement’s submission date to indicate any new statements which match the criteria of the adviser, based on the university and subject specialism. The list of statements can be filtered to show any combination of ‘new’, ‘in progress’ and ‘reviewed’ . 

Step 5: For each statement you decide to comment on, click ‘view submission’, which will take you through to the student’s statement. By viewing the submission an adviser will take ‘ownership’ of the statement, and it will be hidden from other advisers to prevent multiple advisers working on a single statement at the same time.  Claiming the statement will change the status of the statement to ‘in progress’. There is a ‘print this statement’ button if you wish to print the statement to read offline. Please respond within 5 working days of choosing the statement. You can choose to release the statement if you no longer wish to comment on it. This action will make the statement available to other advisers again. 

Step 6: Once you have read through each statement you will need to provide feedback under the  3 structured headings. As soon as you have completed your feedback click ‘submit to student’ which will mark the statement as ‘reviewed. Once the statement is ‘submitted’ back to the student it can no longer be edited. The student is then notified via email that their statement is ready to view, and they can log on and read your comments. 

Step 7: Go back to your homepage and see if there are any more statements you can comment on.

If you have any problems using this tool please get in touch with Emily Harber by emailing e.harber@linkinglondon.ac.uk