Kinetic Climate will introduce you to architectural and environmental design concepts revealing the relationship between buildings and climate change. You'll learn the digital and fabrication skills needed to design and make a creative, Internet of Things powered kinetic sculpture to reflect on what you have learned and exhibit it at the end of the 5 day club. 

Are you interested in architecture, engineering, programming or the built environment? Want to explore a subject further before making important choices on what course and where to study at university? Kinetic Climate gives you the chance to experience what studying BSc Architecture and Environmental Design at The University of Westminster is like, free from the pressures of school and exams. It's free to attend and we can also help with travel costs. 

You must be able to attend all 5 sessions. 


DAY 1 - Monday Morning, July 8, 10.00 - 12.30: Climate Change + Kinetic Art Welcome to the Lab, introduction and overview of the project Meet the team Climate change: What is it? The role of the built environment and those who design it Kinetic Art: Big Data & Contemporary Multi-Media Art Practice The Brief: Team formation, design concepts and workshop 

DAY 1 - Monday Afternoon, July 8, 13.00 - 16.00: Coding and Physical Computing Principles of Coding Introduction to Arduino Introduction to Physical Computing Workshop: Experimenting with Arduino 

DAY 2 - Tuesday Morning, July 9, 10.00 - 12.30: Digital Modeling + Fabrication Presentation Drafting and Modeling with Rhinoceros 3D Laser essentials 

DAY 2 - Tuesday Afternoon, July 9, 13.00 - 16.00: Mechatronics + Experimentation Precedent projects Development opportunities Clockwork dreams Club members present and develop projects 

DAY 3 - Wednesday All Day, July 10, 10.00 - 16.00: Prototyping + Design Development Present projects Development Workshop 

DAY 4 - Thursday All Day, July 11, 10.00 - 16.00: Installation + Calibration Workshop Install projects and test Present final project 

DAY 5 - Friday All Day, July 12, 10.00-18.00: PUBLIC EXHIBITION & COMPETITION PRIZE GIVING - Friday @ 18:30 

8th July - 12th July 2019 from 10:00 to 18:30

Fabrication Lab, University of Westminster
Marylebone Rd, 35, London , England NW1 5LS

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