What do data tell us about the growth of the financial sector, both in the UK and globally, over the past decades?  Is this rate of growth desirable?  

To investigate these questions, we will look at how economic theory has traditionally understood the role of finance in the economy.  Is it up to the task?  The case for pluralism in economics - that is, learning from different ways of thinking - will be highlighted.

 Lecturer: Jeff Powell

The twilight lectures are aimed at students currently studying at Level 3, to complement their studies and to provide an insight into studying these disciplines at degree level. Both students and their teachers are welcome. Students are permitted to attend independently.


All sessions will take place on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.30 to 5.30 at our Greenwich Campus in Queen Anne Court. Queen Anne Court is the first building on your right if you are coming through the East Gate, and the last building on your left if entering through the West Gate. Travel information and a campus map are available here: